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01/06/2019: Schedule of Upcoming Events

Littles, hypnosis, rope, whips, BDSM101, and more!

Sunday, 1/6/2019:

2pm – 5pm: Littles’ Craft Time – https://fetlife.com/events/735551

Wednesday, 1/9/2019:

6:30pm – 9pm: Tampa Bay Erotic Hypnosis Group – https://fetlife.com/events/695204

Friday, 1/11/2019:

8pm – 1am: Pinellas Rope Group – https://fetlife.com/events/735826

Saturday, 1/12/2019:

7pm – 8pm: Lifestyle 101 – https://fetlife.com/events/735536
8pm – 9pm: Whip Workshop
9pm – 2am: Orlando Forks & Floggers Takeover Play……

Fifty Shades of Reality in the Tampa Bay Area…

It’s that time again! Another Fifty Shades of Grey movie is about……

Saturday, January 14, 2017: Lifestyle 201, Whip Workshop, Orlando Forks & Floggers Takeover Party

Saturday, January 14, 2017

This Saturday is a full day!

4pm – 7pm: BDSM 201 – Healthy Dynamics – A guide to what’s “normal.” (Part 1)

Cost: FREE

FetLife Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/483958

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1198061046930609/

Open to members and non-members. (Must be 18 or older to attend.)

“Normal” is just a setting on a dryer. However, there……

BDSM101: Collars

What is a collar?

There’s a meme circulating on Facebook showing “kinds” of collars, and frankly, it’s mostly BS.

About the only “kind” of collar it got right was a posture collar, and that’s because a posture collar is designed to hold someone’s head in a very high position.

A collar can be ANYTHING you want it to……