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4/29/2020: New virtual events on Zoom.

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We’ve got……

9/28/-9/29/2018 – Schedule of Events

We have a weekend full of events!

Friday, 9/28/2018:

* 8pm – 12am: Manasota Rope Enthusiasts: https://fetlife.com/events/703444

This month, LunaticBound, co-founder of the Kyoujin Baku Dojo in Orlando and a co-organizer of FIRE, along with his rope bottom, MiaAmor, will teach us his ‘anchored’ low hands TK. Long stems, open shoulders, bridged wrists and more……

8/24-25/2018: Schedule of Events at the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club

We have some great events this weekend!

Friday, 8/24/2018:

* 8pm – 12am: Manasota Rope Enthusiasts – …