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Saturday, June 11, 2016: Lifestyle 101 (Smart Negotiations), Whip Demo, Forks N Floggers, Play Party

Saturday, June 11, 2016

We have a full slate of events this Saturday!

6:30pm – 8pm (Doors open at 6:15pm.)

Lifestyle 101: Smart Negotiations. Free.

FetLife Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/446095

(Note: You do not have to RSVP on the event to attend, and this event is open to members and non-members. Must be 18 years of age or older to……

Saturday, September 12, 2015: Hands-On Flogging Demo With Martell, 2nd Saturday Play Party

Saturday, September 12, 2015
8pm – 2am

Hands-On Flogging Demo With Martell and Our Second Saturday Play Party

Cost: $20 members, $24 guests

FetLife Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/375655

(8pm – 9pm) Flogging Demo

Go from not having handled a flogger before to being able to safely use one in this hands-on workshop.

(9pm – 2am) Second Saturday Play Party

Get in free if……

Saturday, September 5, 2015: Poly Social Group, Violet Wands, 1st Saturday Play Party

Saturday, September 5, 2015
5pm – 8pm

Poly Social Group Munch

Cost: $3 (Members and non-members welcome.)

FetLife Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/375792

This is a pot-luck, so please bring a dish to share. Members and non-members welcome.

Poly Pinellas, hosted by Poly Social, is an evolving discussion group aimed at those who practice or who are interested in practicing any form……

Saturday, 5/16/2015: Flogging Demo, Whips With Sir Richard, Third Saturday Play Party

Saturday, 5/16/2015: 8pm – 2am

$20 (members)

The evening will start out with the Lifestyle 101 class from 7pm – 8pm. (Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/341056 )

Then, from 8pm – 9pm Martell will conduct a hands-on flogging demo. If you’ve never used a flogger before, you’ll get a chance to hold and use one in this demo.


Saturday, 4/11/2015: Kinky Prom Night, Martell’s Birthday, & Flogging Demo

Saturday, 4/11/2015
8pm – 2am

It’s Kinky Prom Night at the Phoenix Club! Come on out dressed in your kinkery! If you don’t have something sparkly to wear, try to put something sparkly somewhere interesting. Who will be crowned King and Queen? We’ll vote and each winner will get a free pass for a future Phoenix event.


Saturday, March 28, 2015: Impact Toys 101 & Play Party

We have a great line-up this coming Saturday, March 28!

First, at 8pm, Ignixia presents: Impact Toys 101 aka “Beat It!”

So you’ve seen floggers, paddles, whips and various other toys used in scene and you were intrigued. Perhaps you have a few toys, but where do you start? How do you really use these things on……

Saturday, 3/7/2015: Liquid Nitrogen Demo & Mz. Mandella’s Birthday

Saturday, 3/7/2015

(5pm – 7pm) SUN, DAMM, Whips with Sir Richard (Free)

(8pm – 9am) Rev. Metalburner’s Liquid Nitrogen Demo ($5, or included if you pay to stay all night.) Doors open at 7:45

(9pm – 2am) Mz. Mandela’s Purple Birthday Party!. $20

Come party with us to help us celebrate Mz. Mandella’s birthday! If you show up wearing……

Saturday, 2/28/2015: The Invisible Toybox with Sundragon, and Play Party

Cost for the Evening: $20

(8pm – 9pm) Sundragon presents The Invisible Toybox: BDSM Psychology 101

It’s easy to find BDSM classes that teach you how to wield a flogger or a paddle. This class will get you started on learning how to wield your mind. So much of what makes up a great scene is hidden……