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BDSM101: “Am I too _____ for BDSM?”

“Am I too _____ for BDSM?”

tl;dr answer: No.*

*As long as the ___ question isn’t “young.” You must be at least 18 years old, or whatever the age of legal adulthood is in your place of residence.

I get this question at least once a week from readers who’ve discovered my Suncoast Series books and want to……

BDSM101: No.


It is one of the shortest sentences in the English language. It is a complete sentence, with absolutely zero requirements to elaborate, explain, justify, or otherwise fill in the blanks.


Here’s a hint to the newbies: A GOOD Dominant/Top will accept a NO without losing their shit like a three-year-old denied a candy bar.

You should NEVER……

Saturday, 2/21/2015: Suncoast Pets, Fire Cupping, Joint Play Party With the Sarasota Society

Saturday, 2/21/2015, is a busy day at the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club!

Suncoast Pets, Ponies, & Primals Group

Time: 2pm – 7pm

Cost: $10 (or $20 if you’re staying all night)

It’s that time again! It’s time for Suncoast Pets, Ponies, & Primals group to have their monthly potluck munch and playtime. February’s meeting is our usual free-for-all playtime/socializing day.


Friday, 2/20/2015 – FemDom Friday at the Phoenix

Third Fridays are FemDom Fridays here at the Tampa Bay Phoenix.

This is a specialty event, so please read the deets carefully before you plan to attend.

This is a FEMDOM event.

Male and female submissives are always welcomed. Male switches, please put on your subby/bottom hat and keep it there all night. (We have a stapler if……

Wednesday, 2/18/2015 – Pinellas Coffee Time

Pinellas Coffee Time will be meeting at the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club on Wednesday, February 18, starting at 8pm. $3. It’s a potluck, so please bring a nommy to share with the others.

You can click on the FetLife event to RSVP and tell everyone you’re going: https://fetlife.com/events/321454

Saturday, 2/14/2015: Lifestyle 101, and 50 Shades of Reality Play Party

Saturday – 2/14/2015:
(7pm – 8pm) Lifestyle 101 (Free)

What are the Lifestyle 101 classes? Formerly branded as the Gateway Program, these are free classes to help people just coming into the alternative lifestyle community.

Are you new to BDSM or kinky/alternative lifestyles and have questions? Not sure where to start? Read a book that piqued your interest……

Friday, 2/13/2015: The Phoenix Club will be CLOSED.

On Friday, 2/13/2015, the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club will be CLOSED. The event originally scheduled for 2/13 has been moved to 2/27. We apologize for the scheduling change and thank you for your understanding.

Saturday, 2/7/2015: SUN, DAMM, Whip class, FPE Night!

Saturday – 2/7:

(5pm – 8pm) SUN, DAMM, Whips with Sir Richard (Free)

Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/313560

(8pm – 2am) We will be CLOSED at 8pm and heading over to the FPE Night event. Come join us!

Join us over at the Clarion……

Friday, 2/6/2015: Play Party!

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer open every Friday. Check to see that there is an event listed for that particular Friday before you make the drive! 🙂

Friday – 2/6:

(8pm – 2am) Play Party

It’s a Saturday on a Friday night! Get in for only $10 (members).

Saturday, 1/31/2015: Miss Rae, Tribal Drumming Play Party

Saturday, 1/31/2015 Schedule of Events

8pm – 9pm

Rhythmic Beating by Miss Rae and chris

$5 for the seminar only, or $20 includes the following play session. (The $5 will be given to our presenters to help defray their expenses.) Please note the start time and plan accordingly, thanks!

EVENT LINK: https://fetlife.com/events/306499

“Studies have shown that vibrations from……