Membership & Pricing

The Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP club.

Our dress code rule includes a MANDATORY face mask policy for all events and classes.

Check our CALENDAR page for our event schedule.

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Pricing Policy:

We do not use gender-based pricing. Please check each event’s details for pricing information. Yes, singles are welcomed to attend.

At this time, for the safety of our volunteers, we do NOT accept cash payments. We take all major credit/debit cards and touchless Apple/Google Pay. You can buy pre-purchased debit cards from any Walgreens, CVS, Publix, etc. Tickets for all events and classes MUST be pre-purchased online in advance, and once they are sold out no more attendees will be admitted. We are not accepting walk-up attendees at this time.

Yearly Membership Rates:

$35.00 per person to join/renew. Every event has a ticket price listed in its details.

Membership / How Do I Join?

Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is a private membership club. We are NOT open to the general public to simply walk in. Your security and peace of mind are important to the staff at the Phoenix. Our application process is designed to help weed out potential problems and increase safety.

So, how do you join? Relax, we do our best to make it fairly painless to get your membership! (Unless you like it rough…LOL)

For starters, you must be at least 18 years of age or older. NO exceptions.

You must also attend one of our New Member Orientation Classes and pay the $35 membership fee. Once you’ve done that, you may then attend member events. Renewal is $35 a year.

To ensure privacy and security for our members, we screen all prospective members before they’re allowed to join. Bring a valid, current, legal government photo ID that also has your date of birth on it (NO EXCEPTIONS). Driver’s license, state ID, passport, military ID, or any other form of legal, government-issued PHOTO ID that has your date of birth on it. You must bring the ID WITH YOU. No pictures on your phone will be accepted.

You will be sent an electronic liability waiver form to fill out after you purchase your class ticket, and at the class we run all prospective members and renewing members through the USDOJ database of registered sex offenders. (Free, and takes just a minute for us to do.)