Membership & Pricing

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Quick Links:

If you are new to the lifestyle, please check out our Lifestyle 101 classes. They’re free!

Pricing Policy:

We do not use discriminatory gender-based pricing. We treat all our members equally and fairly. All prices are per person unless otherwise specified. Please check each event’s details for pricing information. Yes, singles are welcomed to attend.

We accept cash (no bills over $20) and credit cards.

Yearly Membership Rates:

$35.00 per person to join/renew.

Membership is annual, and includes your night’s entry when you join/renew. Also, during your birthday month, you may have one free play event entry.

Note: If there is a class/special event on the night you join/renew, they may have an additional fee.

We do not have a one-time guest entry rate for membership. If you have received a special one-time guest voucher from someone, you MUST pay the membership fee upon your next visit.

Membership / How Do I Join?

Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is a private membership club. We are NOT open to the general public to simply walk in for a play event–although we welcome new members. And many of our events, such as classes, demonstrations, and group meetings, are open to non-members. Your security and peace of mind are important to the staff at the Phoenix. Our application process is designed to help weed out potential problems and increase safety.

So, how do you join? Relax, we do our best to make it fairly painless to get your membership! (Unless you like it rough…LOL)

For starters, you must be at least 18 years of age or older. NO exceptions.

To ensure privacy and security for our members, we screen all prospective members before they’re allowed to join. Please bring a valid, current, legal government photo ID that also has your date of birth on it (NO EXCEPTIONS). Driver’s license, state ID, passport, military ID, or any other form of legal, government-issued PHOTO ID that has your date of birth on it.

You will fill out our waiver form, and we run all prospective members and renewing members, or attendees for hands-on or play events through the USDOJ database of registered sex offenders. (Free, and takes just a minute for us to do.)

You can come in during any normally scheduled operating hours. We do not set up separate appointments, and keep in mind if a special event is going on that night, you might have to wait for a while. You do not have to be “pre-vetted.” You do not need an appointment.

If you are new to the lifestyle, we also highly recommend attending one of the many local munches or coffee times, or attending our Lifestyle 101 class.

Before joining/attending a play event as a guest, you MUST sit down with a staffer for an orientation talk to go over our rules and protocols.

  • Yes, even if you’ve been in the lifestyle for 20+ years, you still MUST go through our orientation so you know OUR rules.
  • Also, please be advised the more you try to talk during the orientation to tell us how long you’ve been in the lifestyle and how much you don’t need our orientation, the longer your orientation will take. 🙂 (It’s amazing how that happens…)
  • We want everyone to know OUR rules and OUR protocols.
  • We honestly don’t care about the rules of your local club/house party–you need to know OUR rules.
  • Because if you break OUR rules, you will be removed from OUR club.
  • So please listen carefully to OUR rules when you get the orientation, and save your questions until the end. Thank you!