Lifestyle 101 Classes

Lifestyle 101 Classes

(NOTE: Due to Covid, we are not currently holding these classes. If you wish to join, please see our calendar for information about our New Member Orientation Classes.)

What are the Lifestyle 101 classes? These are free introductory classes to help people just coming into the alternative lifestyle community.

Are you new to BDSM or kinky/alternative lifestyles and have questions? Not sure where to start? Read a book that piqued your interest and now you want to know more? On a quest to finally find answers about fantasies you’ve had for years?

You are NOT alone.

This session is a safe, light-hearted, and non-judgmental environment to provide you with a basic overview, including power exchange and relationship dynamics, safety issues, and more. Participants who go through this introductory class can follow up with staff at the end about becoming members, if they so desire.

Topic Overview:

  • BDSM and power exchange roles and dynamics overview
  • Relationships, varieties of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy
  • Kinks, fetishes, types of play
  • Fiction and fallacies versus facts
  • Safety, safety, safety!
  • The three most important “rules” that the won twue wayers don’t want you to know about…

Please check our Calendar to see when the next Lifestyle 101 class is scheduled.