At this time, we are not open for “walk in” attendance. All events must be pre-ticketed online in advance.

Mask Rules:

The Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is a private-membership club and can enact and enforce dress code rules. Please read each event’s rules for that event’s mask requirements. Some events have mandatory masking for ALL attendees, and some events allow for optional masking for members who have provided us with proof of full Covid vaccinations.

Attendance Policy:

We are strictly limiting event attendance for safety. All tickets for events & classes MUST be purchased and paid for in advance online. No walk-up attendees will be admitted. For the safety of our volunteers, we are currently not accepting cash payments. (Credit cards, tap, & touchless pay methods like Apple/Google Pay only.) A FetLife RSVP is NOT a ticket purchase.

Cancellation / No-Show Policy:

Event tickets, class fees, and membership class fees are non-refundable, and currently we are restricting attendance for safety. If you give us 48+ hours notice that you can’t make an event/class, we will transfer your ticket to another date and can then attempt to resell your spot. If you give us less than 48 hours notice, especially if we cannot fill your spot, we reserve the right not to carry your ticket over to a future date, depending on the circumstances. If you miss your New Member Orientation Class and purchase a ticket for a members-only event, you will NOT be allowed to attend that event until you take the class!

FemDom Saturday Members-Only Play Event

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN TO THE TICKET PURCHASING LINK! This is NOT an “open” play party–it is for FemDom Tops and submissives who are existing members.

Saturday, August 7, 2021, 8pm – 12am

This is a FEMDOM play party for existing members only.

We’re not picking on you male Doms, but this event is for female-identified Dominants ONLY, or for NB Dominants who are more comfortable in a female-identified Dominant space, regardless of how you express that identity.

Submissives: Any submissives, regardless of how they identify, are welcomed.

Male switches: Please wear your sub hats for tonight.

Male Doms will NOT be allowed to Top tonight.

This event starts at 8pm. Door opens at 7:45pm.

Face Mask Policy for This Event:

Cloth (or similar) FACE MASKS over the mouth & nose ARE MANDATORY for this event, even while scening, UNLESS you have provided us with proof of Covid vaccination. If you are unvaccinated, or have not provided us with proof, you may only remove your mask while seated at one of the tables and eating. If you are vaccinated (and have provided us with PROOF of vaccination) you may choose not to wear a mask.

If you are NOT already an existing member (meaning you’ve attended before and filled out paperwork) you cannot attend member-only events unless you have first taken our New Member Orientation Class. Once you have, then you can then purchase tickets for member events. If you miss your New Member Orientation Class, you will not be able to attend member events, even if you’ve purchased tickets, until you complete one.

  • Bring your government-issued photo ID with your date of birth on it.
  • Please note our face mask policy for this event. If you are fully vaccinated and choose not to wear a mask, you MUST provide us with proof of vaccination FIRST. Meaning you bring the ACTUAL card in and show us so we can note your account. If you have already provided us with proof of vaccination at a previous event/class, then you’re good!
  • Temperatures will be checked upon arrival and throughout the evening.
  • Because of Covid, we no longer provide blankets/towels, and if you are naked or have a bare butt you must sit on one. Please bring your own. We have a limited number for sale in the office.
  • We are currently not providing snacks/beverages other than water/ice and coffee. Feel free to bring your own food and NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages.
  • If your membership is due for renewal, please select the renewal add-on item on the ticketing page. If your membership is due, you’ll need to pay it when you arrive and it will delay your entry.
  • We are currently not allowing blood play, cutting, or other medical play that would spread bodily fluids. We are not providing wax play supplies, but you may bring your own and use them there.
  • Please clean your play station before AND after you scene with the provided cleaner.
  • Please wipe down your table and chairs with cleaner before leaving at the end of the evening to help our volunteers, thank you!
  • Please be extremely mindful of personal space, maintain social distancing, and don’t get butt-hurt if someone doesn’t want you within 6 feet of them, or doesn’t want to hug you, etc.
  • If you are still present when we close we appreciate your cheerful assistance with closing chores so our volunteers can get out of there sooner. Thanks!

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The Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is run by dedicated volunteers who are also members. Everything we make keeps the lights on and the rent and other expenses paid. Thank you for your support!