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Note: Due to a cancellation, we currently have 2 tickets available for the vaccinated members only play party on Saturday, 5/29. (If your membership is due, please also add on the renewal item at the bottom of that page.) If you missed out the first time around, grab them before they’re snapped up:

Mask Rule:

The Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is a private-membership club. For all currently scheduled events and classes, we have a mandatory mask dress code rule in place. You must wear a cloth or similar face mask over your nose and mouth at all times, even while scening, unless seated at a table and eating. For future events, please read each event’s description for dress code and masking requirements.

Attendance Policy:

We are strictly limiting event attendance for safety. All tickets for events & classes MUST be purchased and paid for in advance online. No walk-up attendees will be admitted. For the safety of our volunteers, we are currently not accepting cash payments. (Credit cards, tap/touchless pay methods only.) A FetLife RSVP is NOT a ticket purchase.

Cancellation / No-Show Policy:

Event tickets, class fees, and membership class fees are non-refundable, and currently we are restricting attendance for safety. If you give us 48+ hours notice that you can’t make an event/class, we will transfer your ticket to another date and can then attempt to resell your spot. If you give us less than 48 hours notice, especially if we cannot fill your spot, we reserve the right not to carry your ticket over to a future date, depending on the circumstances. If you miss your New Member Orientation Class and purchase a ticket for a members-only event, you will NOT be allowed to attend that event until you take the class!

Upcoming Events & Classes:

(Click on an event’s link to go to the ticketing page.)

Want to renew your membership without attending an event? (Thank you!) Click Here.

The Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is run by dedicated volunteers who are also members. Everything we make keeps the lights on and the rent and other expenses paid. Thank you for your support!