Okay, so we’re scheduling our first play party of 2021. (Wow, it sounds weird to say that!)

We are limiting the attendance of this party to only 20 members + our 4 volunteers. No walk-ups, no cash payment. You must pay in advance online.

This event is ONLY for FULLY VACCINATED (against Covid) existing members.

Yes, you MUST bring the vaccination card WITH you. Not just a picture of it on your phone–THE ACTUAL CARD needs to be in your hot little hand when you walk through the door. So make sure it’s in your wallet with your photo ID (which you will also need).

We know there will probably be a few people who want to fire off angry emails about that, but we know several people who’ve died of Covid, including one of our volunteers, so save your outrage. We hope to open attendance to unvaccinated members soon, but the first several play events will be restricted to only those who are fully vaccinated for everyone’s safety. For those who don’t wish to comply with either our face mask or vaccination policies, we’ll gladly welcome you back once we feel it’s safer to rescind those policies. We are a private membership club, not a public business; as such, we are able to create rules for our club.

Thank you for understanding. Remember–we are ALL VOLUNTEERS who help run the Phoenix. We understand you want to get back to “normal,” whatever the hell THAT is. But we will not risk our volunteers or our members just so you can spank an ass.

Saturday, May 8, 2021, 8pm – 12am

Cloth (or similar) FACE MASKS over the mouth & nose ARE STILL MANDATORY. Yes, even while you’re scening. The only time you can remove it is if you’re sitting at a table and eating/drinking. If we have to remind you more than three times to put your mask back on, we will ask you to leave. (No refund.)

PLEASE read all of the following details BEFORE clicking the purchase link.

  • Bring your government-issued photo ID with your date of birth on it.
  • Bring your Covid vaccination card with you.
  • Please note our MANDATORY face mask policy. Yes, even while you’re scening. Three strikes and we evict you without a refund.
  • This play party is ONLY for existing members who’ve been fully vaccinated against Covid. We hope to expand play events to non-vaccinated people soon.
  • Temperatures will be checked upon arrival and throughout the evening.
  • Because of Covid, we no longer provide blankets/towels. Please bring your own. (Remember, if you’re naked/bare-butted, you need to be sitting on a towel/blanket.)
  • We are currently not providing snacks/beverages other than water/ice and coffee. Feel free to bring your own food and NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages.
  • If your membership is due for renewal, please select the renewal add-on item on the ticketing page. If you don’t and your membership is due, you’ll need to pay it when you arrive and it will delay your entry.
  • We are currently NOT allowing blood play, cutting, or other medical play that would spread bodily fluids. We are not providing wax play supplies, but you may bring your own and use them there.
  • Please clean your play station before AND after you scene with the provided cleaner.
  • Please wipe down your table and chairs with cleaner before leaving at the end of the evening to help our volunteers, thank you!
  • Please be extremely mindful of personal space, maintain social distancing, and don’t get butt-hurt if someone doesn’t want you within 6 feet of them, or doesn’t want to hug you, etc.

Due to the pandemic and health issues, we have VERY limited volunteer staff at this time, so play events will be scheduled accordingly. And remember that we will continue to drastically limit attendance for the foreseeable future, until local infection rates drop and vaccination rates are up.

To purchase tickets: https://tbpc-donations.square.site/member-events

If you are new and wish to join the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club, you must attend one of our new-member orientation classes first. They’re $35 and that price includes your first year of membership. Once you’ve completed it, you can then attend play events. For more information, please visit: https://tbpc-donations.square.site/new-member-classes

If you’d like to donate to the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club (thank you!) to help us with expenses, or if you’d like to renew your existing membership online without attending an event (again, thank you!) then you can do that here: https://tbpc-donations.square.site/