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Tickets are going fast for the 5/29, 6/19, and 7/3 play parties!

This is a reminder that the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP CLUB and is not open to the general public.

Note: For ALL in-person events going forward, you must bring your photo ID with you each time for check-in. Which, once we have your current e-forms on file, and we’ve completed your RSO check for new members or renewal, and since you’re pre-ticketed, it literally should go as fast as you showing us your ID so we can check you off the list and get you inside.

The e-forms replace our previous forms, and you only need to sign them when you join, at your renewal, or before the first event you attend since we had to close down for Covid because they now contain a Covid waiver. Once we have your current form on file, we’ll only hit you up for a new one at renewal time, just like before.

RE: The vaccinated-only parties (5/8, 5/29, 6/19)

You MUST bring the physical card/paperwork (whatever you have) with you to the FIRST vaccinated-only party you attend. We will note your account and you don’t have to bring it again after that if you attend future vaccinated-only events. (Unfortunately, too many people are trying to fake them, apparently, so we need to see the actual card, NOT just a picture of it on your phone.)

And yes, because we’ve had a lot of people asking for more of those, we WILL schedule more vaccinated-only events in the future. But after the first three we currently have scheduled, we want to hold some mixed events first for other members. We knew the concept would be popular, but WOW, you all really blew us away with how eagerly they’ve been embraced! So we will definitely sprinkle more of those into the schedule in the future. Stay tuned!

Limited Attendance Numbers

HOWEVER… ALL of our in-person events will be strictly limited attendance until further notice. That means, unlike in the past, members CANNOT just show up and get in unless you’ve pre-purchased a ticket online and we have current forms on file for you. If there’s an event you want to attend, grab the ticket NOW, before they’re sold out. Clicking an RSVP on a Fet event is NOT buying a ticket.

All our events (New Member Orientations and Member-Only events) are listed at:

We know in the past people were used to being able to just show up, pay, and get in, but unfortunately we cannot do that right now. Also, new members will not be allowed to attend member-only events until they’ve completed the new member orientation class. That’s also why…

New Member Orientation Classes

We are now handling new members differently than we used to due to attendance restrictions and our limited volunteer numbers. Going forward, if you have NEVER filled out membership paperwork before to JOIN (not just attend an event or be a guest) and haven’t paid the annual fee before, you CANNOT attend a member-only event UNTIL you’ve attended a new member orientation class FIRST.

For safety, those classes are limited to 10 people ONLY, those with pre-purchased tickets, so we can spread everyone out and we can thoroughly go over all the material and rules. (So don’t bring your SO with you unless they’ve also purchased a ticket.)

Once you have completed the orientation class, you’ll then be able to purchase tickets to member-only events, and won’t have to go through more paperwork or the RSO check except at your annual renewal time.

Remember, we are VOLUNTEERS. We are NOT getting paid to do this. We do this because we’re members first and we love the club and the community. Everything the club makes pays the bills–NOT any of us. This is a second job in addition to our day jobs, and we don’t get paid to do it.

Thank you again to everyone for your patience and the enthusiasm you’ve been showing us, and for embracing our cautious approach. The vast majority of you have been fantastic and we are so very grateful for how you’re supporting the Phoenix Club and all of our volunteers at this time.

We are eager to “get back to normal” but with the way the world is, that will take a while. And the “new normal” won’t look like the old normal. What’s important is safety and taking all reasonable precautions. From the wonderful, positive response nearly everyone has given us, it’s obvious that our approach is the correct one for the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club.

We are thankful for our volunteers and our members, and we appreciate all of you and your support.

Thank you!