Statue with a face mask.

Until further notice, for the safety of our volunteers and members, the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club (which is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP CLUB) has a mandatory face mask policy in place. While in our facility, you must wear a cloth or similar covering over your mouth and nose, even while scening. The only exception to this is if you’re sitting at one of the tables and actively eating or drinking. If we have to remind you more than three times to put your mask on, we will evict you without a refund.

We understand some of our members will have a problem with this, or our other temporary safety rules, and that’s okay! We will gladly welcome them back at some future point when we feel it’s safe to rescind those policies, which have been put in place to make things safer for our volunteers and members.

But we are a private membership club, not a public business. By being a member, you agree to abide by our rules as part of your membership.

And if you get nasty with our VOLUNTEERS in PM or email about these temporary rules, don’t expect a warm welcome once we do rescind those safeguards.

Thank you for your cooperation!