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For now, we are changing how we accept and process new members. You need to join by attending one of our new member orientation classes. These are non-play events, and wearing face masks is MANDATORY.

The price for the orientation class is $35 and it INCLUDES your first year of membership. Once you’ve become a member, you will be able to purchase tickets for play events. We will be adding new class dates, so please keep checking back at the ticketing link for more info.


  • You must be 18+ years of age to join/attend.
  • You MUST bring a VALID government-issued photo ID with you with your date of birth on it. (Driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc.) IT MUST BE IN YOUR HAND. We will NOT accept pictures on your phone.
  • Class size is limited to 10 people for safety. You MUST be pre-paid online to attend. We will NOT accept walk-ups/cash at this time.
  • All new members will be run through the USDOJ database of sex offenders. If you are on this database, you cannot join.
  • Dress Code: Face mask over the nose & mouth. Street-legal clothes/casual wear. Dress comfortably for a sit-down class.
  • You may bring NON-alcoholic, SEALED beverages with you. Or, you may bring your own cup to get water from our water cooler. Also, you may bring food with you.
  • You can have your cell phone on you, but it must stay in your pocket/purse/bag.

To see what dates are available and to purchase tickets, please click through to the ticketing page. We will add more events to that page as dates become available.