Hi, everyone! We have been watching the situation closely with Covid-19 and are going to hold a SMALL, pre-ticketed play event this Saturday night, October 3, 2020, 8pm – 1am. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST BEFORE CLICKING THROUGH ON THE LINK!


We are capping the number of attendees at 25, and the tickets are ONLY available for purchase ONLINE on a first-come, first-served basis.

For the safety of our volunteers, we will NOT allow walk-up or cash sales at this time. (You can purchase pre-paid debit cards at any Walgreens, CVS, Publix, etc.) You MUST pre-purchase your ticket online.

At some point in the future, we hope to open to new members, but at this time we need to minimize contact between our volunteers and members.

We will decide the scheduling and logistics of future events after this trial run. We have enacted several rule changes. Based on what we learn from this event, and local conditions, we may enact further changes. We cannot make an event 100% safe–all we can do is attempt to minimize the risk.

Some of these rule changes will not please some people. We understand, and we’ll welcome you back at a future time when we can lift some of these restrictions in a safer way. We welcome any donations (also at the same link below) to help the club pay its bills during this time. They are greatly appreciated!

Note: We have a MANDATORY MASK RULE in place. Even during scenes. This is NOT negotiable. You must have a cloth or similar covering in place that covers the nose AND the mouth. We are a private membership club and can set our rules accordingly. If you do not want to or cannot abide by this rule, we understand, and we’ll welcome you back once we feel it’s safe to lift this rule. If you arrive without a mask, we will have masks available to purchase. If you are sitting at a table and eating, you may lower your mask for that and then immediately put it on again when finished. If we have to remind you more than three times about keeping your mask on, we will ask you to leave.

There will also be mandatory temperature checks upon arrival and throughout the evening.

By purchasing a ticket and attending, you are agreeing to follow all of our rules, you understand there is an inherent risk by attending, you personally assume all risk by attending, and you waive all liability and hold the club, volunteers, and fellow members harmless. You also understand failure to abide by our rules may result in you being ejected or possibly banned from the club.

You will be informed of the full list of updated rules when you arrive. We are a private membership club–your attendance means you agree to abide by our rules.

If you or someone in your immediate family/polycule/household has been exposed to Covid-19 recently, or is awaiting the results of a Covid test, or works in a high-risk/high exposure environment, or has recently engaged in activities such as plane travel, or attended a large group event, PLEASE do not attend this event. Also, if you are having any symptoms that could be Covid, PLEASE STAY HOME. There will be other events, but you need to be responsible and do your part to help protect our volunteers and other attendees, or we won’t be able to hold ANY events.



If someone leaves early enough in the evening, we will add an equal number of tickets for purchase. There is no pro-rating of ticket prices for entry time/length of attendance.

Tickets are $20. If your membership is due for renewal, you must pay the additional $15 for that. (Available at the same link below.) If you arrive without the renewal and you are due, we will require you pay it before admitting you. You must use credit card/touchless pay. For the safety of our volunteers, no cash will be accepted. (You can use Apple/Google pay, or purchase pre-paid debit cards at any Walgreens, CVS, grocery store, etc.)

You MUST use the name that we have on file/that matches your legal ID for the purchase. Do NOT use your FetLife name. We must be able to track the ticket to our membership database. If you are purchasing a ticket for you and your partner, BOTH of you MUST already be EXISTING MEMBERS.

All attendees must present a valid government-issued photo ID with their date of birth.

We will process ticket sales on a first-come, first-served basis. While some sales process, the quantity available online may show more than are actually available. Your ticket is NOT guaranteed until you’ve paid AND you receive a final notification email that the sale processed and COMPLETED.

Some of our new rules to protect our volunteers and members include (but are not limited to) the following:

* Masks (cloth or other suitable material) that cover the nose AND mouth are REQUIRED to be worn AT ALL TIMES, by everyone, even during scenes. This is NOT NEGOTIABLE.

* We have new cleaning procedures, and anyone who uses equipment will be required to adhere to them for everyone’s safety. Our volunteers will frequently clean high-touch areas.

* We will have hand sanitizer stations available throughout the facility. Please wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer often. Avoid touching your face without washing your hands first.

* We will have social distancing protocols in place. Please do not move furniture or tables. Pick one seat to occupy in the social area, and only use that one all evening. Some furniture and equipment will be unavailable for use.

* Now more than ever, be extremely aware of consent and personal space and DO NOT approach someone without their explicit agreement. Also, do NOT get your feelings hurt if someone doesn’t want you within their personal space.

* We no longer supply towels/blankets. You must bring your own.

* We will have NO cash sales for items in the office, touchless/online invoicing ONLY. (You can use Google/Apple pay, or purchase pre-paid cards at Walgreens/CVS, etc.)

* We will not allow any play that draws blöød (such as medical play scenes) or other bodily fluids (no spitting, etc). Scenes where blöød/bodily fluids are accidentally spilled MUST be stopped IMMEDIATELY and all fluids cleaned up, including from the implement, and any wounds dressed before play may commence.

* We will not provide wax play supplies or equipment. We still allow it, but you must bring your own supplies/equipment and clean up after yourself.

* We will provide free canned soda, and will gratefully accept donations for it. (And gratefully accept donations of canned soda.) As always, you are welcomed to bring unopened non-alcoholic beverages of your own. (No, you may NOT bring non-alcoholic beer.)

* We will not provide snacks. You are still welcomed to bring your own food/snacks. (You may lower your mask if you are sitting at a table and eating, but when you finish, immediately put the mask back on.)

* We will not provide loaner implements or rope.

* Please be highly cognizant of personal hygiene and common spaces. (If you’ve had something in your mouth, don’t just set it on a table, for example.)

We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable coming out. Unfortunately, we will not be able to resume normal operations at this time, but we hope this is a safer way to begin working our way toward that future goal when conditions allow.

Link to purchase tickets or to donate to help the club offset expenses: https://tbpc-donations.square.site/