Please stay weather aware this week. The track of Hurricane Dorian is uncertain, and its strength when/if it impacts Florida is still up in the air. It could potentially be a major hurricane and hit the east coast, and possibly still be strong when it makes its way across the state (if that’s the track it takes).

AS OF RIGHT NOW (Wednesday) we are still planning on being open on Saturday for our normal hours. If that changes, we’ll post it on our FetLife Group and on our website.

We won’t make that decision until Friday, when we have a better idea of the track/intensity/timeframe. Since our volunteers are just that–volunteers–if the storm looks like it might be a major storm directly impacting our area, we might make the call to stay closed so they can make their preparations at home.

Sites to Watch

There are several good apps for iOS and Android that track storms and send out alerts. Check the store for your device to learn more.