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This year marks the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club’s tenth anniversary. We’re celebrating this auspicious occasion with a July Jubilee Membership Drive! We now have double the space to handle more and larger events, and we have plans for exciting new classes, presenters, and other activities for our members. We even have a new, dedicated classroom area. Some of the perks of your low annual membership rate are free sodas, coffee, water, and snacks, as well as ample and free parking, among other things. Our dedicated staff of volunteers works hard to provide a safe, clean, and fun kinky community center that’s stood the test of time and keeps getting better every year.

Now, as we enter our eleventh year, starting August 1st we’re FINALLY going to tweak a few of our prices, because it’s been years since we’ve done that. Annual memberships and renewals will go up to only $35, and that includes that night’s entry fee.

However…if you come in BEFORE August 1st and join or renew, you can do so for the current price of only $25! Even if your renewal isn’t due yet, renew early and enjoy the savings! If you have friends who’ve been thinking about joining, make sure to get them in the door before the end of July, so they can pay the lower membership rate, too! (We know you might be a sadist, but this is something you’ll WANT to tell them about.)

Regular play nights will still include FREE soda, coffee, water and snacks for only $15. (Class prices and special event prices may vary.)

Some of our classes and non-play events will now be only $5 (see each event’s info for details). But we’lll still have free classes as well, and we’re busy adding even more to our schedule.

You can’t go to dinner and a movie for these prices, but you CAN come have a night of kinkery with your fun and freaky friends! Don’t forget, if it’s your birthday month, AND you’re a member in good standing, you can attend one regular play event FREE that month! (Excluding special events or classes.) We won’t make you pay for your own spankings, because that’s just…well…the BAD kind of sadistic.

A huge thank you to all our members for all your years of support. And an even bigger thank you to all our volunteers, who’ve put so much hard work, time, and effort into making the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club such a great place to call our kinky home. We’re looking forward to serving the community for many years to come.

With Much Love and Gratitude,
The Tampa Bay Phoenix Club.