We get this question a LOT.

Am I required to play?

Short Answer: NO.

Long Answer: NO.

Not being a smart-ass, but NO is a complete sentence requiring no explanations or justifications.

You are NEVER required to play when you come to the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club. PERIOD. We have many members who come just to socialize and hang out with friends. Whether or not you play is TOTALLY up to YOU.

There is apparently a misconception (thanks for nothing, FSOG) that if you attend a BDSM club, you are “required” to “participate.”



The ONLY things you are required to do is pay your entry fee and obey our rules.

One of which is NO means NO, and RED means STOP.

So if you’ve been nervous about attending because you worried you’d be “required” to participate–nope. If all you want to do is sit at a table and watch all night, because you’re new and nervous and figuring things out? That’s totally cool with us.