So one of the things we’re trying this year is an experiment with our Saturday night entry fees. For most events, we’re dropping the member price to $10. (Please check each event’s FetLife info for pricing details. Some special events/classes will be an additional fee.)

However…that means if you have any $10 vouchers, or punches left on your punch cards, make sure to get in here and use them. As of February 1st, 2018, they will expire.

If you have a free-entry voucher, they are still valid.

Also, we will still be having the birthday month free entry (good only once per year and your membership must be in good standing).

Thanks for supporting the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club. We are an all-volunteer staff, and the money we take in for entry fees and membership fees keeps the lights on and the doors open. We’re looking forward to another great year, and hope to see you soon!


You can always find an updated list of our future events in the sticky note at our FetLife Group:

Wednesday, 1/10/2018

Saturday, 1/13/2018

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