It’s that time again! Another Fifty Shades of Grey movie is about to hit the theaters. Whether you’ve read the books or seen the movies, if you’re interested in learning more about the reality of the lifestyle, check out our event schedule and make plans to come by. We always welcome new members, regardless of gender, orientation, age, or experience level, and our volunteers are happy to answer your questions. We also have some BDSM101 articles for your perusal.

What do you need to attend or join? Bring a valid government-issued photo ID that has your date of birth on it. (State ID, driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc) This is MANDATORY. Everyone who joins/attends as a guest is run through the USDOJ database of sex offenders. (It’s fast, free, and no, it doesn’t “ping” you on any record anywhere.) We accept cash and credit cards. You must be 18+ years of age.

You can attend one time as a guest, but the next time you must join. To join is $25 for a year, and we waive that night’s fee when you join.

Even if you’re brand new to BDSM and kink and are unsure of where you might fit, feel free to come out and talk to our volunteers. We were all new at one time, and we love to educate and answer questions.

We are a pansexual establishment. What does that mean? It means if you’re straight, gay, lesbian, queer, bi, or on the grey/aromantic spectrum, cis or trans or (fill in your particular blanks–we’re not trying to leave anyone out but we know there are more “labels” out there) YES, you ARE welcomed here!!! And feel free to let us know what your preferred pronouns are if we goof up, because we’re not perfect but we want everyone to feel welcomed and safe.

We also don’t discriminate based on relationship status, either. Our entry prices are the same across the board.

Why do we label ourselves a “kinky community center?” Because we’re not “just” a dungeon. We have a social area and a play area. We have people who attend just to meet up with their friends. We hold classes and demonstrations. We have rope and rigging nights. We host FemDom-specific nights for those who identify as such. And so much more!

So please feel free to come out, even if you just have questions you need answered. If Fifty Shades, or any of the other multitude of kinky books now out there have piqued your curiosity, we probably have answers for you. And we’re right here in the Tampa Bay area. *Gasp!* Yes, a local dungeon. And a safe place for you to find out more information.

A few other quickie points:

  • No sex, no drugs, no alcohol allowed. PERIOD. Violators will be immediately removed and banned. It’s a safety, liability, and legal issue. Because we are a legal business, we MUST stay within the law, so we are VERY strict about this!!! We are NOT a bar. You can drink at home or somewhere else, but not here. We will also refuse entry to anyone our staff feels is intoxicated or impaired.
  • Must be 18+
  • We are run by an all-volunteer staff–everything we make goes into running the club. We all started out as members, and even the owner doesn’t take a paycheck. (We also all have day jobs, which is why we’re not open every day.)
  • We do NOT provide play partners for people, and we do not “employ” any Dom/mes. (Pro Dom/mes are not allowed to operate on our premises, although they are free to be members.) No, we cannot refer you to pro Dom/mes.
  • Forget the BS you read in most romance books. Singles (especially single women) are SAFE here, and NO means NO. We take that VERY seriously.
  • You do NOT have to play or participate. But we are not a “show” or “performers.” (Unless it’s an event billed specifically as such.)
  • We do allow full nudity inside the playspace, but again, we do NOT allow sex.
  • We cannot guarantee you’ll meet a play partner on any given night. But if you’re new, the more events you attend, the more people you talk to, and the more you learn, the better your chances of meeting someone you might click with to play.
  • Prepare yourself to see both the weirdest and most mundane things simultaneously. LOL We’ve lost count of how many people walk through our doors terrified just to realize we’re all people like them.
  • No, we cannot guarantee you how many people will attend any given night. Don’t show up at the end of the night, however, and expect to see things, because the closer we get to closing time, the more people leave. If you really want a good chance of seeing the most diverse amount of play, get there early. It frequently starts out slow as people are chatting and socializing, and then picks up as the evening goes on and more people arrive. And many people will play and then leave, especially on a Friday night event because they’ve been working all day and are tired.
  • PLEASE look at our MAP if you’ve never been to the club before. Some GPS apps want to take you to the wrong complex.
  • You do NOT need to ring the doorbell unless the office door is locked. LOL (Or we have the “ring doorbell” sign out.) You’ll see the magnetic sign on the office door–come on in!
  • Check out our calendar of events for more information. We also post all our events on FetLife.
  • Make sure to go through our pages here on the website. Most of your basic questions about us will be answered.

Thanks, and hope to see you soon!