Saturday, April 15, 2017

8pm – 8:45pm: Playing Without Limits Workshop With Dex:

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9pm – 2am: Hoppy Easter Every Bunny Play Party:

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Playing Without Limits Workshop

Entrance into the lifestyle is full of curiosity, exploration, learning, and excitement tempered with completing play checklists, negotiating, providing feedback, aftercare, and renegotiating.

Defining consensual play is a big topic of discussion in what we do.

What is the standard one should use? SSC, RACK, or perhaps something else?

A decade ago the big buzz word was “safe”. How do we play safe? In this decade the new buzz word is “consent”.

Groups are now requiring “consent” classes before approving membership. How do you maintain one approach or another and play without limits?

Often it seems like one spends more time negotiating than one does playing.

How does one go about expanding their play parameters, play safely, have fun and perhaps, finally, play without limits?

This workshop will be a discussion and demonstration of this progression in a relationship between Dom (Master or Top) and sub (slave or bottom) and play.”

Hoppy Easter Every Bunny Play Party

Okay, so we’re going to have an Easter egg giveaway tonight. Everyone who comes in gets to pick an egg from the bucket, and you could win a prize! (Well, everyone will get SOMETHING, but some people might get more than others in their eggs. Good surprises, we promise!)

To save $5 off your entry fee, wear bunny ears, or something bunny, or something spring/Easter-themed or…? (Hey, as we always say, we’re sadists, not assholes, and we use liberal interpretations. Use your imagination. LOL)

(Discounts for members in good standing and not stackable on top of entry discounts/vouchers, thanks!)

April birthday? If you’re a current member in good standing, you can get in FREE if your birthday is in April. (Good only once per year per member.)


Members: $20
Guests/Non-Members: $24

Not a member? Not a problem! Pay the $25 membership fee, have your nightly fee waived, fill out our waiver form and speak with one of our staffers. (Make sure to have a current photo ID with your date of birth on it. Must be 18 years of age or older. All prospective members and guests are checked against the national DOJ database for registered sex offenders.)

April Membership Special

Renew or join in April and get 13 months for the price of 12!

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