Saturday, January 21, 2017

St. Pete Munch at the Hollander Hotel

Address: 421 4th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701 Free street parking available

FetLife Event Link:

Time: 6pm
Dress: Casual/street-legal
Cost: Whatever you order. (Please remember to tip your server.)

Join us in a reserved section of the beautiful public bar area at the Hollander Hotel in downtown St. Pete. This unique, LGBTQ-friendly local establishment has a full restaurant and bar, and the service is outstanding!

No need to feel intimidated if this is your first time joining us or you’re coming alone! There are no signs announcing you are attending a Fetlife event and is not a play party (some do ask if it is). We meet out at the cabana area by the pool. Just ask for the “St. Pete Social” and the staff will point us out.

Come early for the best free street parking (double check the signs!). You can also park around the downtown neighborhood and walk over a block or two.