circlular-3d-question-marksmQ: I’m new to the lifestyle. Can I attend _____________ event?

A: (Short answer.) YES.

(Long answer.) YES. 🙂

(See how easy that is?)

While we do have some specialty nights, yes, you can attend. Just make sure you’re 18 or older, and bring your vaild photo ID that also has your date of birth on it. For play events/classes, you’ll have to fill out our waiver form (whether joining or as a guest.) Everyone who joins/renews as a member or who attends as a guest gets run through the USDOJ database of registered sex offenders. (It’s free, takes just a couple of seconds, and we don’t keep that on file.) It’s a safety precaution.

CAVEAT: A night like FemDom Friday is specialty night that has certain restrictions. If you’re a male, you need to have your subby hat on. No male-identified Tops. (If you’re a male switch, that means subby mode for you.)

Another example is our rope nights where Manasota Rope Enthusiasts (MRE) come out to do their ropey play goodness. You don’t have to be a member of MRE to attend, but it is specifically a rope and rigging night, not a general play night.

We always tell people new to the lifestyle that you should go to as many events as you can, both the coffee times/munches and class/play events. Even if you just sit and talk to people or observe, because sometimes it takes several events to grow comfortable and get over your new-to-the-lifestyle nerves. Guess what? We all pretty much felt those at the beginning, and we understand. Plus, not everyone goes to all the events. You’ll meet a wider range of people if you attend more events, even if just to observe.

So…welcome! 🙂 We’re glad to have you!

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