ropecoilFriday, October 28, 2016

We have a special guest coming on 4th Friday this month and he’ll be going over his intro to torture ties class.

~ The way of the bastard ~

To many people rope is a sensual thing and a rope scene is like making love on silk sheets by candle light while soft music plays in the background. That’s not what this class is about. This tie along class is about screaming, tears, and pain. It consists of a lecture period as well as hands on time with some evil torture ties, developing a tool box of things that can be added to your existing rope skills.

Prerequisite Knowledge: single column tie, hojo cuff, and frictions

You will need 2-3 ropes for this class

Do NOT miss this event!

Rope Bondage 101 8 pm sharp.

If you are new or want a refresher please join us for our 101. This should take about 45 minutes and should get you geared up for the Intro to Groundwork

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Lunatic Bound and Dysis make a quiet an interesting pair. One is serious and often somber the other bounces from place to place filling the room with giggles. They have been playing, tying, and teaching together for more than four years. Lunatic has been practicing bondage since around 2003. His personal style is eastern inspired but a torturous mash of eastern, western, and stuff he learned in the boyscouts.