Saturday, October 10, 2015

7pm – 8pm (doors open at 6:45pm): Lifestyle 101

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(Note: This month’s class will especially focus even more than usual on how to SPOT and AVOID predators in the lifestyle.)

What are the Lifestyle 101 classes? These free classes are designed to help people just coming into the alternative lifestyle community.

Are you new to BDSM or kinky/alternative lifestyles and have questions? Not sure where to start? Read a book that piqued your interest and now you want to know more? This session is a safe, light-hearted, and non-judgmental environment to provide you with a basic overview, including power exchange and relationship dynamics, safety issues, and more. Participants who go through this introductory session can follow up with staff at the end about becoming members, if they so desire.

Topic Overview:

* BDSM and power exchange roles and dynamics overview
* Relationships, varieties of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy
* Kinks, fetishes, types of play
* Fiction and fallacies versus facts
* Safety, safety, safety!
* The three most important “rules” that the won twue wayers don’t want you to know about…

Stay for the hands-on flogging demo once the class is over!


8pm – 2am: Hands-On Flogging Demo, Second Saturday Play Party

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Following the Lifestyle 101 class, stay for the hands-on flogging demo with Martell and our Second Saturday Play Party!

Go from never having handled a flogger before to being able to try one out on a victim…eh, volunteer.

Want to save $5 off admission? Make sure to RSVP on FetLife before 11:59pm Friday, Oct. 9, AND be through the door BEFORE 9pm.

Save another $5 if you bring a pot luck dish to share! (Good all evening.)

October birthday? If you’re a current member in good standing, you can get in FREE if your birthday is in October. (Good only once per year per member.)

Not a member? Not a problem! Pay the $25 membership fee, have your nightly fee waived, fill out our waiver form and speak with one of our staffers. ( Make sure to have a current photo ID with your date of birth on it.)

Parking and beverages are FREE at the Phoenix! 🙂