Cost for the Evening: $20

(8pm – 9pm) Sundragon presents The Invisible Toybox: BDSM Psychology 101

It’s easy to find BDSM classes that teach you how to wield a flogger or a paddle. This class will get you started on learning how to wield your mind. So much of what makes up a great scene is hidden beneath the surface. Power exchange, connection, energy… it’s difficult to understand and acquire non-physical skills through observation. This class will draw back the curtain and delve into the fascinating world of BDSM psychology. We’ll introduce some core concepts and explore techniques for fostering intense and intimate interactions with your partners. How do you get someone into sub-space or top-space? How do you keep them there? What makes a scene successful? How do these tools apply in ongoing relationships? Learn of all the wonderful, invisible tools you can add to your toybox, without ever spending a dime.

Sundragon’s Bio:

Sundragon is determined to cure the world of the ignorance, silence, and shame surrounding sex and BDSM, one class or person at a time. They enjoy keeping their material fresh through frequent field testing (it’s all for the science, really). In recent years, they’ve been focused on the art of energy play and mental orgasms.

(9pm – 2am) Open Play Session:

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