Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy: A Review by myra ancelet

This review is an opinion of my own thoughts and views of this lifestyle based on my desires, beliefs, and experiences as a submissive.

The main character, Christian Grey is depicted as an individual that has severe emotional problems. His hatred for his mother, and at an early age being seduced by a married woman who is sadistic, pushes Christian into BDSM. He is portrayed as one who does not have control over his emotions, is domineering and obsessive. In my experience people in this lifestyle place an importance on having control over their emotional, psychological and everyday lives. One cannot control another unless they have control over themselves.

I would also like to touch upon another character in the book, Leila Williams. She is a prior submissive who reenters Christian’s life as a severely broken person. This stereotypical personification of those involved with BDSM is not accurate. To submit to someone, one has to be strong and have control of their life.

We are not pushed into this lifestyle because of psychological or physically damaging events. BDSM was listed as a physiological disorder until it was lifted from that status in recent years. Most are driven at an early age to either be dominant or submissive, sadistic or masochistic. Many individuals in this lifestyle acknowledge that they were born this way.

Christian loses his desire for the lifestyle as his love for Anastasia blossoms. This indicates that he was psychologically damaged and once he was “cured” he no longer had the need to live the lifestyle. In reality, having a dominant/submissive personality or sadistic/masochistic tendencies is not something that can be “healed”.

I am not saying that everyone in this lifestyle is without psychological or emotional scars. We are all human. We all have crosses to bear. There are so many stereotypes associated with the BDSM lifestyle. I just wanted to give my own thoughts and views.

I am a masochistic submissive. Yes, I was born this way.

Side note: An acronym that is associated with BDSM is SSC – Safe, Sane and Consensual. Is practicing BDSM really safe? No, it is not. It involves a lot of “edge play” which can damage someone. Is BDSM sane? According to some psychologists, no, it’s not. Is it consensual? Yes. A better acronym is RACK – Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. There is risk involved? Yes. Are we aware of the risk? Yes, the sadist and masochist recognize the possibility of unintentional harm. Is it consensual? Yes. Is there kink? You bet, and we certainly do love our kink!